NEW FAST FOOD CHAIN A project of a new fast food chain has been created. Its authors wish to create a chain of innovative fast-food restaurants under the working name of NPL restaurant. The restaurant will resemble a "flying saucer". At present work is underway to find prospective business partners, who would wish to invest their funds into building the new brand.



The subject of this undertaking is creation of an innovative fast-food type restaurant, which will resemble a "flying saucer" (NOL - Niezydentyfikowany Obiekt Latający - Unidentified Flying Object). The restaurant will offer North American cuisine dishes with elements of Greek and Mexian cuisine (dishes will be adapted to the time of day). The restaurant will also offer "takeaway" dishes. The restaurant will be open between 7:00 and 24:00.



The restaurant will be wholly built of steel, and its external enclosure will be made of zinc-coated steel. After sunset the structure will be illuminated. The restaurant will be located in one of the largest cities in Poland (decision will be made after agreeing with the investor). Due to the unique structure, the restaurant will be a tourist attraction in the given region. The medium-term goal is to create a chain of 16 restaurants in the whole of Poland. The project may be very easily scalable abroad.

Maciej Konieczny

Main manager, responsible for the implementation of the investment and restaurant management. Maciej is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the catering industry and event organization in restaurants as well as outdoors. He gained his experience mainly in the family business. Maciej has a degree in gastronomy as well as tourism and hotel management.

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Trends on the market of food services in Poland

HoReCa market in Poland is worth 26.7 billion PLN according to PMR analysis, which means in 2016 there was a 7% growth year to year. Not only was the last year's growth dynamic the highest in over a decade but also this year's predictions for this market are very good due to the good condition of polish industry and increase in consumption. This is proved in PMR's report "HoReCa market in Poland 2017. Market analysis and development predictions for years 2017 - 2022".


Increase in number of people eating out

In addition to improvement of the economic situation, the factor positively affecting the dynamics of the market growth are also the changing nutritional habits. Due to the rapid pace of life, the Poles eat out more often and they spend more money on meals. At the same time they are becoming very aware consumers and they start to pay great attention to the quality of dishes and service - according to the results of Polska na Talerzu 2016 (Poland on a plate) report, prepared by MAKRO CAHS & CARRY.


Will 500+ positively affect the HoReCa industry?

Forecasts for the entire HoReCa market, as well as for its individual segments are very positive due to the increasing interest of the Poles in food services. Moreover, this trend will be reinforced by the payments from family-oriented 500+ programme, according to forecasts presented in the report. 


Increase of importance of the criterion of place and cuisine type in selection of the restaurant

Along with increase of the society’s wealth, the Polish consumer consider the appearance of the facility or cuisine type as the increasingly important criterion of selection of a meal or the given restaurant, and assign less importance to economic factors. Example that confirms this trend are still rapidly growing restaurants serving sushi and Far Eastern cuisine and decreasing number of facilities with the so-called “Asian cuisine” or facilities of “Oscar” type specialized in sandwiches, pizza breads or hamburgers of low quality.


Online Deliveries

Teraz Polska (Poland Now) 2015 report. Just like in the previous years, Italian cuisine has been the most popular. However, eating habits of Poles do not change.


Increase of importance of fast-food restaurants

Poles, who decide on a dinner or lunch during business hours, most frequently use fast-food restaurants, which usually are chain restaurants. The types of dishes served in chain restaurants operating in Poland are not too diversified.



The restaurant will be wholly built of steel, and its external enclosure will be made of zinc-coated steel. The building, with a diameter of 27 meters and height of 12 meters, will consist of two levels, including the main hall and mezzanine. After sunset, the entire structure of the building will be illuminated with the use of headlights located on the structure, as well as around it. Due to unique structure and equipment (e.g. UFO-related theme area, including a themed labyrinth, about 84 meters long at the circumference of the saucer, where the gadgets are to be sold), the restaurant will be a tourist attraction in the given region. The restaurant will be located in one of the largest cities in Poland. In the future, we are going to create a chain of restaurants in the whole of Poland.



Within the scope of location of the first and subsequent restaurants, the priority will be given to small and medium shopping centres of “home and garden” type, which currently do not have expanded catering facilities or if they do, they are conducted within the basic scope. The restaurants will not be created at mall-type shopping centres, due to the fact that such facilities are characterized by relatively high catering load.


Implementation time

The planned time for implementation of the project until the start of the operational activity is 12 months, 6 months of which will be devoted to the stage of construction and finishing of the property.


The forecasts concern one restaurant, in thousands of PLN.

- 1 rok 2 rok 3 rok 4 rok 5 rok
INCOMES 2 457,0 3 685,5 3 869,0 4 057,6 4 254,1
EBIT 559,6 1 479,2 1 613,3 1 752,7 1 897,0
EBITDA 1 897,4 2 206,3 2 254,7 2 304,9 2 357,1

Investment expectations (PLN thousand)

Total costs of construction and equipment 3 000
Costs of construction of the property along with management of the site 2 279,8
Costs of equipment and installation as well as other preparatory costs 435,6
General budget reserve 284,6



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