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Unusual idea
with a cosmic chance of profit!

NOL Restaurant is a venture that can provide you with cosmic profits and unearthly investor satisfaction. Its aim is to create an unusual restaurant in the form of a "flying saucer", i.e. an Unidentified Flying Object straight from the exciting sci-fi movies. The two-storey restaurant will be built of steel and galvanized sheet metal, and the entire structure will be illuminated by spotlights. The restaurant will have not only unique aesthetics, but also excellent cuisine, combining the flavors of North America, Mexico and Greece.

More about project


The goal of Maciej Konieczny, the originator and main manager of the project, is not only to provide the customers with tasty dishes, but also to spend their time in an interesting way. That is why an educational and entertaining path will be created around the building, bringing visitors closer to the knowledge of astronomy in the most accessible way. VR projections, laser visualizations or models of solar system planets will fascinate the whole family!


You can consider NOL Restaurant venture as a brilliant idea for investing your own money. Based on our market analysis, we can assume that the return on investment will satisfy even the most demanding customers. NOL Restaurant, with its intriguing appearance, offering well-loved fast food at an affordable price, fits well into the scheme of the most popular restaurant in Poland.


After finalizing the vision, i.e. opening the first outlet, the company will build more facilities - ultimately 16 in each Polish province. All of them are to be located in the most attractive locations, for example along the most popular routes.

Fast Food

The value of NOL Restaurant is also to be, above all, unearthly good food. We will focus on the most popular, universally loved North American dishes with elements of Greek and Mexican cuisine. Such a mix will appeal to both classic comfort food lovers and those looking for less typical flavors.

Road map

Sprawdź kolejność wydarzeń jakie mają miejsce przy NOL restaurant. Informujemy o wszystkich kluczowych wydarzeniach abyście Państwo byli na bieżąco.


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The originator, an entrepreneur with several years of experience in the catering industry, who in his career has managed family catering establishments and successfully organised many outdoor events. Maciej reveals that he came up with the idea of a restaurant in the form of a "flying saucer" a few years ago, while watching... the cartoon "The Jetsons". The plans of the main manager of the project are ambitious. The opening of NOL Restaurant will not be the final goal of the investment implementation. After finalizing this goal, the company will build more facilities along the busiest traffic routes in Poland.